Happily Ever After in Fantasy Style

These were all couples whose love story was already underway, and who I worked with because of our mutual love of fantasy and romanticism. But of course there is another aspect of such fantasy to explore…

I have been approached many times to photograph at weddings. But I have not done this type of work, not because weddings are not wonderful events, but because it takes time and effort to capture the moment which expresses an entire relationship.

Amidst the many interactions, demands on time and activity a wedding day brings with it, the time to do such a moment justice is rarely if ever available. In addition, few weddings are themed in the same fantasy style I love to work in, so the opportunity to do my best work is not available.

But what if a couple seeking to celebrate their future commitment were to come to me for a photoshoot in which the same love and dreams for the future together before the wedding?

What an exciting question! We could have a photoshoot which would do the day to come a kind of homage and justice that only imagination and the time to capture it can bring. Then, in the years to come, not
only would the wonderful day be captured, but a fantastical expression of its soul.

Visit my website to see the fantasy-styled couple’s gallery www.mariamiragephotography.com/gallery/love-couples

Photographer: Maria Mirage 

Models: Shenka Mason Targus & Jordan Tomahawk Saggu

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