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Have you ever thought of eloping?

Escaping all the pressures of a traditional wedding with just the two of you running off together to say, “I do…”? What if that elopement was to the mythical island of Ibiza, would that make you consider it?!

More and more couples are now choosing this incredibly intimate way to exchange their vows: just them and a celebrant, enabling them to be completely present in this magical moment.

Alternatively, for couples who still want to have their family and friends around them, an elopement-style photoshoot after the event is a terrific idea! Giving you the best of both worlds, you get to spend all day with your guests, knowing that you will share a personal moment together capturing memories of just the two of you. We often hear couples tell us their day goes by so quickly they wish they could do it all again, well, an elopement-style photoshoot is the perfect solution as it allows you to relive the moment without any distractions!

We chatted to the incredible team who put together today’s editorial, who are all based in Ibiza. “Since the pandemic, couples are looking at weddings differently. Many don’t want to put off saying “I do” so are opting for an elopement-style ceremony instead,” explained wedding planner, Caroline Blot. Grant James, a celebrant on the island, agreed that he has conducted a lot more ceremonies with just the happy couple and a couple of guests recently. “It really gives the couple a chance to focus purely on themselves rather than worrying about their guests,” he added.

Nathalie Wood, a hair and make-up artist has found she has been doing a lot more elopement-style photoshoots a couple of days after a couple have got married in front of their friends and family. “If you’re coming to Ibiza to get married, why not do it twice?! It’s the chance to be pampered all over again, and the photos we get are definitely more intimate.” Sanne from Sanne Luna photography agrees that she gets a completely different vibe from couples when family and friends aren’t around. “The love and intimacy just oozes out of them, it’s incredible to capture!”

Featuring über-cool couple Caroline and Maya, join us as we explore Ibiza and meander through the cobbled streets of the historical Dalt Vila whilst discovering the intimacy an elopement can offer!



Grant James Ibiza Celebrant

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Sanne Luna


Caroline Blot, La Boheme



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Editorial by Emma Manley

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