Something old, something new

For Anna & Lucy, embracing their two very different chosen styles on their wedding day proved to be a match made in heaven…

To say that Lucy and I had different ideas for our wedding is a bit of an understatement. I wanted something modern and traditional, and she wanted a 1920s theme (Peaky Blinders, Great Gatsby, you know the drill). Instead of compromising, we embraced our differences head-on. I wore the modern, more traditional dress that I’d always dreamed of, complete with a big white bow and sleek silk netting which I found in Belle of the Ball in Melksham, and Lucy went full Fitzgerald, which she found the same day from the shop next door – Devlin Bridal Couture. Ever heard the saying ‘something old, something new’? Well, we took it quite literally.

With that saying in mind, we needed something borrowed, and I guess you can say that came in the form of our venue. We landed on a beautiful Victorian manor house called Highfield in a little Wiltshire town. The house was full of surprises, including a mystical little grotto made entirely from volcanic rock and a giant greenery bursting with exotic flowers. The wonderful hallway with a gallery landing and the seven doors one each level, seemed very magical. Highfield ended up being the ideal venue for me and Lucy; it fit tradition without clashing with the 1920s aesthetic. Plus, it just looked really beautiful. Now all we needed was something blue. Lucy ticked that one off with her 1920’s sapphire and diamond ring. I wore one of tanzanite and diamond. So, we had blue in bucket loads and we were all ready for the big day. In the end it went so smoothly it really was like something you’d imagine from a 1920s film. Lucy had a carnation bouquet, complete with long cream ribbons (in fitting with the 1920s look) I picked the cake a lovely buttercream and marble sugar paste, just the thing for our sweet romance.

Looking back on our wedding pictures, it all looks so dreamy. Lucy and I both look so happy in our dresses from different eras. We looked like characters from two different books who have met for a big party.

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