Crazy for Christmas – Inspiration for a Winter Wedding

The idea was to use rich holiday orientated decoration and to incorporate them into the event. In our case, we prepared a styled wedding shoot, but we believe that the theme and the style can actually work with any party or event, as long as it’s in December and holiday orientated.

We followed the holiday color guidelines to put together the style and theme. We used reds with greens and of course white with hints of gray. The bridal dress was topped with a cozy sweater and faux fur. Bridal bouquet was made with Christmas flower, The Poinsettia, pine and Christmas balls. This red “Flame Leaf” or “Flower of the Holy Night” and the long needle pine was used throughout the set and holiday feeling.

The use of lights and lanterns all over the set helped fill the space as well as conjured that festive warm feeling.

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