BERTA Launches 2018/19 Miami Collection

An effortlessly chic collection where the fabric leads the way into a powerful abyss of jaw dropping styles.

This collection will break everything that is known to be “normalized” in the bridal industry. It’s fresh, exciting, something new yet still lending to the true essence of Berta. Strong, powerful, and confident is the description of Berta’s perennial muse.

Shot in the sultry, exotic and magical city of Miami, featuring both sides of Miami magic – the realness and authenticity of it as well as its luxury and high end in places such as Calle Ocho, Ocean Drive as well as in the Versace mansion. Very in touch with the inspirations behind the two different kinds of magic in BERTA’s dresses – vintage and retro on one hand and modern and luxurious on the other. The juxtaposition of the rawness and luxury that creates that special feeling that can’t compare to anything else. The backdrop is telling the story but the dresses are the star players.

A lot of sparkle, tulle, sequin, and feathers are just a hint of what this collection includes. The reoccurring theme of plunging necklines, open backs, flowing capes, and voluminous trains will make a feature but with a twist that has never been seen before. To say it’s all in the details is a concurrent theme in all of Berta’s collections. Ensembles in startlingly vibrant motifs, even when they are in classic silhouettes, are sensual in their confidence. The hand beaded and attention to each detail on the gown is only meant for highly skilled and talented individuals such as Berta and her team.

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