Introducing Jolie.

Introducing Jolie. New collection from BERTA fashion house.

From the BERTA fashion house, introducing a new bridal line that is set to completely disrupt the bridal industry as we know it.

No longer will the distinction between high end bridal couture dresses and mid-level dresses be as clear cut as it used to be. With the use of new special craftsmanship techniques, unique materials & fabrics, we were able to create a bridal line that is the perfect golden path between the two. High quality and fine materials, with a price tag that will surprise even the most veterans of the bridal industry. We call it jolie. bridal.
With a brilliant and effortless design style, which varies from sophisticated boho to dramatic glam, this new line has it all. Bringing a new and refreshing take to bridal design, in a novel approach to what a bride is and what her boundaries are when choosing a dress for her big day. If there are any.

The jolie. color palette is on the ivory range – from very light ivory, through champagne tones and all the way to different shades of nude. Each creation has its own color within this range, that in many ways gives it its personality. The colors chosen for each creation weren’t random and they are meant to elevate each design in its own way.

The first introduction of jolie. comes now in this new S/S 2021 debut collection. The images best represent the spirit of jolie. – chic, effortless and confident. The collection will arrive in stores starting July 2020. Bridal, but make it fashion.

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